Studio classes

Vinyasa Flow
Tuesday at 9:05pm | Studio Naïm Salamé
Thursday at 6:45pm | Shradda Yoga Studio
Saturday at 6:15pm | Studio Naïm Mendele
Sunday at 8:30pm | Shradda Yoga Studio

Private classes

Get to know yourself from the inside through a personalized session. The class will be designed for you - who you are and how you feel - and can combine different disciplines (yoga, breath work, meditation, drawing, writing, crafting).




Are you ready to reconnect with your authentic self? Embark on a journey where you’ll learn how to trust and freely express yourself. Discover ways of expression that resonate with you and that allow you to awaken to the magic of your inner creativity.

mandala drawing


Experience a self-reflective and soft meditative state through the art of Mandala Drawing. In this workshop you will learn various techniques to draw as a reflection of your uniqueness. 

journal writing


Unlock a safe space where you can unconditionally be yourself. In this workshop you will discover how to start or expand your journaling practice and develop the capacity to listen to your inner voice.



Explore freedom of movement and celebrate your body. In this workshop you will be guided through a yoga based flow, simply close your eyes and let your body move the way it wants.


Reconnect to your imagination and explore a world of infinite possibilities through guided writing exercises. In this workshop you will rediscover your inner landscape and develop a strong connection with your deepest aspirations.



Have you ever dreamt of painting with your body, walking on a rope or cooking crazy recipes?

Trying new things while enjoying themselves is exactly how children learn. Free yourself from outside validation, reconnect with your inner child and have fun (lots of fun).

Every « fun ways of expression » workshop is different depending on demands. Contact me for any specific request.